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They reunited after eight years to film the music video for "As You Are."
ICYMI, Francine Diaz recently starred as a mourning lover in Zack Tabudlo’s music video for “As You Are.” As the song went viral on social media earlier this month, netizens were swooning over the natural chemistry between Zack and Francine. In case you’re ...
Cassy recently starred alongside Zack in his new MV!
ICYMI: Zack Tabudlo just dropped the music video to his new track "Elizabeth" and it's making us miss face-to-face classes even more! The track itself is a nostalgic masterpiece accompanied by a dreamy '90s-inspired MV starring Zack and Gen Z star Cassy ...
Check out this OG exclusive!
Ever noticed how the pivotal part (and often the best scene) in romantic movies would always involve the leads talking to each other under the rain? Think Allie and Noah’s shouting match in The Notebook. Or Georgina and Primo’s intense exchange in ...
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