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No one will ever know what lies underneath!
We hate it whenever we get a zit. Its ugly red head stands out, and it ruins our overall look. Thankfully, we've got access to the best foundations and concealers that can help us cover the blemish. The question is, do you ...
And she does it perfectly!
Mastering the cat eye flick is definitely a challenge all beauty girls have faced at some point in their lives. While others rely on stencils, or an amazing pencil to perfect this beauty trick, there's a YouTube Vlogger that dared to do it ...
Bookmark these YouTube channels for the latest beauty tips and tricks!
Ever since Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan, and other big names debuted a few years ago on YouTube, the beauty vlogger community has expanded rapidly. Here are a few of the coolest beauty YouTubers you need to watch out for awesome beauty tips ...
For all types of hair from short to curly—you name it!
Whether your university has a uniform or not, one great way to spice things up in school is a great hairdo. Whether you're a curly sue, rocking a Kendall Jenner lob, or have long locks, watch the videos below for easy hair ...
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