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Take notes from the kween of Y2K fashion!
Given fashion's ~cyclical~ nature, it comes as no surprise that trends from the past will always make their way into the present. One of the top enduring examples of this is Y2K fashion, and it has been given a much-needed 2022 update! ...
She's definitely convinced us to hop on the Y2K bandwagon.
Y2K-inspired hairstyles are all the rage nowadays, and it’s not hard to see why. From bedazzled clips to cute baby braids, there’s nothing we don’t love about a good 2000s comeback. We’ve been spotting a few local celebs sport some of these throwback ...
Take a trip down memory lane with these trendy 'dos!
Trends from the past always have their way of sweeping back into the modern scene. Case in point: Y2K trends thanks to TikTok. In terms of fashion, the new millennium is dominated by visually busy prints and quirky pieces and style combos. ...
You can't go wrong with these 'fits, TBH.
Clothes have always been a way for us to showcase our personalities. With the rise of so many fashion aesthetics in the past year, it's been easier than ever to really *show* who you are through your 'fits. In fact, if you ...
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