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A different language sheds new light on everyday terms.
Makes you think of sweaters and hot cups of tea in Spanish. A Japanese word that describes what I like to think as a guilty act of hoarding books and not having the "time" to read them. Who's with me?You might hear ...
All we need is some encouraging words to stay positive. Imagine what a board-full can do!
Source: via Emily on PinterestThe secret to enjoying each day is really up to how you perceive it and how well you take things that happen to you every day, however terrible they might be. For those moments where you can't ...
Let good advice into your life and you'll come out stronger and wiser!
Source: Uploaded by user via Ginger on PinterestYou may not be perfect, but parts of you are pretty awesome, is just some of the wisdom imparted by this board, share with us your fave quote below! ...
Sometimes all you need are someone else's words to get you out of that rut. Check out this Pinterest board full of wise words!
Source: via mrs. french on PinterestMrs. French shares inspiring thoughts on her board full of wise words that we can all use from time to time. ...
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