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Don't forget to prepare a box of tissues!
Once you get *so* immersed in a K-drama, there are moments when you associate yourself with a certain character. Maybe it's an only child who was raised by a single mom or the second child who isn't the favorite—either way, there's bound ...
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Growing up in the province, I used to dream about living in the city and looking at the Manila skyline from my room. Now that I'm in the city, I often think about the unhurried life in the province, LOL. There's just ...
We assure you, this is spoiler-free!
In K-dramas and even Western TV shows, it's not unlikely to catch smart, beautiful female leads getting marupok in the presence of handsome, brooding men filled with red flags. While it has happened to some of us IRL, too, it's also refreshing to ...
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