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The supermodel shows everything in her bag!
Ever wonder what supermodels carry around in their bags? Well, wonder no more because Karlie Kloss is giving us a peek into what she carries in her bag when she travels, which is pretty much all the time. After years of travelling ...
Check out what she carries in her chic purse!
Our gorgeous May 2015 cover girl Sofia Andres is definitely a style star on the rise. And since we luckily got to spend almost half a day with the teen star, we got to bond with her and even take a peek ...
See what the Australian fashion blogger totes around and find out her beauty and style essentials.
Popular Australian fashion blogger Chloe Ting recently visited the Philippines for a quick vacay and catch-up session with fellow bloggers Tricia Gosingtian and Laureen Uy. We luckily got the chance to meet her and talk about everything fashion and beauty—two of our ...
Snoop around our bags to see what we lug around in case of a beauty emergency!
You already know what's in our bag. This time around, we're letting you in on the contents of our kikay kits. From lip balm to mascara, we clue you in on our favorite beauty essentials. If you need help figuring out what ...
Sneak a peek into our bags! Uploads your on Snaps and let us look into yours too.
What does one editor lug around in her tote? A camera to snap inspiration on the go, a phone to book all the shoots for the magazine, a multitude of beauty products to make sure we look our absolute best? Check out ...
The actress shows us what she totes around in her bag.
Want to show us what's in your bag too? Take a snap and upload it here! ...
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Want to know what we tote around every day and on weekends? Peep into our purses now!
We want to see what's in yours too! Upload a photo of What's In Your Bag here. ...
Peep into Julia's purse, be updated on the latest goss, learn how to do Old Hollywood glam, and more. Click for more stories from our sister sites on the Female Network.
Check out what 5 beauty products she likes to tote around.
Awkward's Ashley Rickards shares what's inside her bag with Cambio at her Seventeen shoot. Apart from the usual stuff, it seems like Ashley has a ton of go-to beauty products.What's inside your bag? Take a pic and let us see! ...
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