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You loved books and peeping into bags. Here are your favorite stories from our lifestyle section!
All the must-read, must-visit, must-do things rolled into one section, and these are the Top 5 that piqued your curiosity. Don't agree? Leave a comment with your favorite lifestyle story from 2013!And that's it for the top stories in this section. We're looking ...
Julia shares what she carries in her kikay kit every day!
Ever wondered how young star Julia Barretto looks fresh and pretty all day, even with her busy schedule? We definitely do! So we asked the actress what keeps her looking good both in front of the cameras and every day. Julia dished ...
Snoop around our bags to see what we lug around in case of a beauty emergency!
You already know what's in our bag. This time around, we're letting you in on the contents of our kikay kits. From lip balm to mascara, we clue you in on our favorite beauty essentials. If you need help figuring out what ...
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