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You'll never see recipe videos the same way again.
Who hasn't stopped scrolling through their Facebook feed to watch a magical unicorn bread recipe video or a video how-to of 4 ways to make french fries? Food videos = LYF! But this "food artist and director" is taking recipe videos to ...
That color palette is DIVINE!
Are you a Wes Anderson fan? Style star Jeline Catt is, too! And she's taken movie-inspired dressing to the next level. (You'll fall in love with her rose-tinted feed in 0.001 seconds flat.) Keep scrolling to see what we mean!Jeline ups monochrome ...
There are almost 200 songs!
If you've seen all of Wes Anderson's films, you'll find this 196-track playlist the perfect soundtrack to end your week with. Aside from his visually appealing aesthetics, you have to admit that the music also lends *magic* to his movies.Whether you're lounging in a ...
On finding something you love to do and doing it for the rest of your life.
Did you ever have that one dream that shone brighter than the others? It's that pull that you can't quite shake off. It's that future that you can always picture yourself living, even though no one else ever seems to believe that ...
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