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The two shared that they look a lot like the webtoon version of their characters!
With just three episodes released, the Netflix series Nevertheless has already caught everyone's attention! It's a romance K-drama about two art students who have different views about love. Does the plot sound like a typical kilig narrative? Well, you're wrong—Nevertheless is given ...
These webtoons can keep you company when the going gets tough.
If you love graphic novels, manga (Japanese comics), and manhwa (Korean comics), you’re probably already reading webtoons, which are online series, typically with full color episodes released weekly. Webtoons have long been a part of Korean mainstream, but their platforms (like LINE ...
She used to be a fitting model!
We're just two episodes in the new tvN drama True Beauty and it already seems to be a fan favorite! The storyline about a high school student's transformation into a makeup ~goddess~ is pretty interesting, and the cast members (Cha Eun Woo, ...
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