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Spell "S"!
Creating the perfectly imperfect beach waves can be pretty tricky. You want it a little messy, but not too much to achieve that effortless, undone hair. Although beachy waves look effortless, we all know that it takes a good thirty minutes to ...
Learn how you can create Julia's super fab waves in a few easy steps!
Looking to add some classic sophistication to your dressy look? Why don't you try recreating Julia Barretto's ultra glamorous waves? It's the perfect hairstyle to top off your debut dress, birthday outfit, or just the right hairdo for when you feel like ... Correspondent Rizzi declares her love for girls with wavy and curly manes.
Hey, gorgeous!How are you feeling? Before you read this letter, can you please smile? A little bit wider, please. There you go! You have such a stunning smile! Now, how about running your hands through your pretty hair? Not feeling it? Why?I ...
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