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Hey Kessy is headed to ATC!
Washi tape collectors, enthusiasts, hoarders—whatever you choose to call yourself, really—Hey Kessy is finally heading down south! The craft store, home to arts and crafts supplies and handmade knick-knacks, is opening its second branch in Alabang Town Center.After teasing it for a ...
Easy-peasy washi projects!
We're happy that washi tape was invented and that it comes in so many cute designs, colors, and patterns, but we're happier that people came up with, and so generously share the many things we can all do with it. Below are ...
Put on your pop culture hat and listen to great music at this home and lifestyle store.
If you're a fan of art and music, you just might want to drop by Heima in Brixton this Saturday for the opening night of Ge Mapa's Mix Tapes.If you aren't familiar, Ge Mapa did portraits of Wes Anderson's film characters using ...
Thinking of what to do this weekend? We've got plans lined up for you. From a washi and papercutting workshop, to different kinds of fun runs, and a meet and greet with author Lang Leav!
LEARN WASHI AND PAPERCUTTINGGet your "be more creative" resolution going this 2014 by joining Hey Kessy's Washi + Papercutting workshop this weekend! There will be a workshop fee of P1,500 which includes a roll of Hey Kessy washi tape, craft knife, cutting ...
A Candy Girl sent us her very own DIY project and it's too cute not to share!
Need a good excuse for buying so much washi tape? Read on.
Have you caught the washi tape fever? Did you buy a few rolls of these pretty printed tape not really knowing what you'd use them for? Here's a DIY accessory project that should only take you minutes to make! ...
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19 year old pharmacy student-businesswoman from Pampanga. I, Kimberly Chaile D. Ocampo, started planning my own business back when I was 18 years old. Despite being a student, that did not stop me to work and start up something for me to earn my own money. I was also influenced by my parents who are both hands on when it comes to the marketing world. I have decided to start my own mini restaurant/fast food restaurant recently (Feb 2020) and it was named as “Hungry Hubb”. From the word itself which is “Hungry” we thought of something that would give people the biggest hint that we sell food.

Because of the sudden quarantine, every store was forced to close for our own safety that is why there was a sudden decrease on our sales. But Hungry Hubb managed to survive by focusing on online selling and social media promotion. Our best seller would be Shawarma salad which is mediterranean style. We add authentic Garlic sauce to our shawarma (Which is available in Wrap, Salad, & Rice). Every product that we sell are very affordable and delicious. Our starting price is only 50php. (Shawarma Wrap). For Shawarma Salad (70php). We also have Milktea (60php) and Rice meals such as Lechon Kawali, Chicken barbecue, and Pork Barbecue for only 120 pesos.

And of course, I wouldn’t make it up this far without the help of my family and friends who have supported be from the very start. This is an open letter and inspirational especially to students that want to earn their own money. Nothing is impossible. You just have to be determined enough to turn your plans into reality.

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