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He personally dropped by to give his donations to the Magic Shop Community Pantry.
Ever since the first community pantry was established, plenty of similar initiatives popped up across the metro, led by various individuals and groups with the same intent of lending a helping hand where they can in the middle of a global crisis.One such ...
Make your life better through these little ways.
Have you ever felt the need to make a difference or leave a mark in this world? Have you always wanted to give back and pay it forward, but don't know how? You don't have to be the next JK Rowling or ...
Let three student volunteers tell you just what it's like
There are plenty of ways one can give back to society. It could be by aspiring to become a lawyer, an architect, or even the next president. It could also be through volunteering. Sometimes, people find it scary, even intimidating, to start ...
Not sure how to help our brothers and sisters in need? Shop, eat, workout, and watch gigs, all for the benefit of typhoon Yolanda victims. Read on to know more!
SHOP AND GIVE BACKGo on a pre-loved-clothing shopping spree and actually get the chance to help out the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Due to the overwhelming amoung of clothing donations, most of which are not exactly appropriate for the victims (gowns, leather jackets, ...
A lot of people were affected in the recent typhoon, which is why a helping hand is needed more than ever! Take a look at the different ways you can do your part this weekend.
TEXT AND HELPStill not safe to leave your house? Not to worry, you can still help out! Donate money to Red Cross as they serve the most vulnerable communities. Text 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart).VOLUNTEER AND HELPSince school is still suspended until next week, ...
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