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'It's got a great balance of youthfulness and grim.'
ICYMI, Trese has been number one on Netflix Philippines since the weekend! In the series, Liza Soberano is the voice of main character Alexandra Trese, and popular voice-over talent Inka Magnaye took to Twitter to express her support for Liza's performance. She ...
ICYDK, many members of the Magnaye family are in the voicing industry.
If you're a loyal follower of Inka Magnaye, a professional voiceover artist and social media personality, you'll know that her family is filled with talented voiceover artists. First, we got to know her mom Lindy Pellicer Magnaye, who was a voiceover artist for ...
Here's the face behind the golden voice of many familiar commercials.
Did you ever wonder who was behind the voices you hear in commercials? Well, here's the face behind the golden voice of many familiar commercials as well as those really funny and benta voice over TikToks you might have seen already--meet Kathleen ...
This girl has style written all over her. Get to know more about Patricia here.
Name: Patricia PrietoAge: 19School: CSBHometown: ManilaAnything goes chick. I'm pretty much adventurous when it comes to my style. Besides, what's life without an adventure? Like one day I can be real girly, but the next I can be all rocker chic. I ...
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