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For Simple Dee, vlogging is also a form of healing.
While content creation is definitely a legitimate career path now that people can make money from it, vlogging isn't always about the money. For many others, it's a means to express themselves, or in silent vlogger Kristine Diane Cajes Rosal AKA Simple ...
The construction of her new house will start this year.
Thans to vlogging, the former Goin' Bulilit star Kristel Fulgar is achieving two of her biggest dreams.Kristel shared her latest milestone in a vlog that followed her activities from the day before leading to her 26th birthday on December 29, 2020.The former ...
Never lose hope, fam.
If you love watching architect Llyan Austria's YouTube tutorials (or his celeb home and video game reviews), you wouldn't be surprised to know that he actually ranked fifth in the the Architect Licensure Exam back in 2016. With a passing rate of 81.50 percent, he ...
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Taylor Swift is back in the studio and other celebritweets.
♥ Candy cover girl Taylor Swift is back in the studio. Who's excited for her new record? A raise of hands for T-Swizzle, please?♥ #Help Haiti in all of Twitterverse including celebrities: Lauren Conrad of The Hills, Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl, ...
Ever wanted to go to a Jonas Brothers concert? Here's your chance!
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