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Check yourself before you wreck your relationship.
In a relationship, it's a given that both of you will disappoint each other somewhere along the way. But there are just mistakes you sometimes fail to work on even after the first time you talk about it with your bae. We ...
Because it's hard to tell most of the time.
If there's one question that plagues us and even generations before us when it comes to relationships, it's probably this: How do we know that a person's right for us? We're not really sure how either. All we know is that there's ...
It turns out guys are just like us, too.
We always think that guys have it easy whenever they're dealing with a heartbreak, but it turns out that they're really not that different from us. Just like us, they also try to do things that distract them and surround themselves with ...
If you're having second thoughts about your guy's feelings, you might want to check this out.
Just like us, guys also take their time to get over someone and move on from a love that just didn't work out. Of course it's not that easy to just turn your back on a person you've shared a part of ...
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