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They've been actively posting about one another and interacting with each other online.
Aside from a riveting plot, one of the things that leave fans drawn to a particular TV show or film is the cast members' offscreen bond. And it seems new teleserye Viral Scandal has both! The actors and actresses that make up the ...
Charlie and Karina are currently starring in Viral Scandal.
Charlie Dizon is proving to be one of the brightest stars of her generation, so it was extra touching to see her uplift her fellow rising stars. On November 25, Charlie wrote a sweet appreciation post for her Viral Scandal co-star and ...
The Ahmee household celebrated Dimples' birthday together with Charlie and Karina.
FYI, a new teleserye is taking over prime-time TV in the form of Viral Scandal, with a star-studded cast featuring Charlie Dizon, Joshua Garcia, Dimples Romana, Jake Cuenca, Karina Bautista, Kaila Estrada, Maxene Magalona, and more. The show has already received positive ...
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