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Here's a mini guide for you.
When it’s that time of the month, menstrual pads and tampons always come to the rescue. Using pads and tampons, however, isn’t exactly the most eco-friendly thing. Just imagine how many pads you go through in a day for approximately a five-day ...
Here's a guide to your outfit's underwear match.
For us, girls, it’s important that we don’t only look fresh and stylish from waist up but also make sure that we take care of what’s down there. That’s why wearing the right kind of underwear for our #OOTD will make us a ...
When it comes to underwear, how do you know you're using the right one for what you're wearing outside?
First thing's first, make sure you've got the right measurement! How do you do that? Take a tape measure and get the measurements for the lowest part of the bust line and the peak of the bust. Once you've got these two ...
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