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Greet @iharryshum a very happy birthday, Candy Gleeks! :D
Here are some quick hygiene tips for people who dread using public restrooms!
What is your favorite summer outfit?
The Candy editors have loves dressing up during summer. How about you? What's your favorite summer outfit? ...

Destress your mind and soul through your body's five senses.

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale to star in a musical inspired by her character Sharpay Evans.
Know the latest updates about 16-year-old heartthrob Justin Bieber.
Rock fan Regina Belmonte shares about her first foray into photography.
It was the most exciting text message. I'd ever received. I couldn't believe it was actually for me! I thought I received it by accident, but there it was actually for me! I thought I received it by accident, but there it ...
Check out these links from our sisters in the Female Network.
♥ Started shopping for your swimsuits yet? Here's an FN guide to shopping for swim wear based on your body type. There are 25 suits to choose from! Take your pick. ♥ Feel like celebrating after your finals? Check out 10 films ...
Whip out your detective notebook and magnifying glass to decipher the clues that will lead you to the perfect boy for you!
In your mind, you have an image of your dream guy. You've imagined in perfect detail the way he looks—the waves in his hair, the color of his eyes, the shape of his nose, his height, and weight. You've probably even made ...
Candy shows you how easy it is to master the top four roles of your life.
These bands with female leads show you that girls can rock out just like boys!
...but less than lovers. What do you do?
What's the deal? You've been spending a lot of time with this guy for quite a while now: watching movies, studying together, hanging out at the mall. You talk all the time—phone calls, YM, texts, and Facebook chat—so much so that it's ...
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