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Any guesses on which one of the basketball stars has ~*never*~ had a girlfriend?
We’re huge believers that it’s *totally* cool to be single. Sure, having a ~sweetheart~ is awesome, but there’s something about navigating life on your own that gives you a different sense of self-confidence and allows you to grow! In fact, we’re not ...
Meet the UAAP star players who will steal your hearts on and off court!
For a student-athlete, there’s nothing quite like returning to the game after two long years of rocky, pandemic-disrupted years. The loud cheers, the beat of the drums, the jam-packed coliseums, and the desire to bring honor to one’s alma mater—nothing compares to ...
His name alone rakes in over 337 million views on TikTok!
Known as one of the standout players in this season’s UAAP Men’s Basketball, 22-year-old Dave Ildefonso is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Using his unwavering shooting skills on-court, he successfully ushered the mighty Blue Eagles into another strong finish this year (despite ...
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