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Say what you will about the polarizing show, but you have to admit it has its stellar moments.
The day that Girlboss dropped, we sped through the loose—real loose—retelling of Sophia Amoruso's Nasty Gal beginnings as fast as her meteoric rise to the top. What should be a triumphant rags-to-riches story is tainted by the vintage clothing line's bankruptcy and ...
"How much does high school stuff really matter? We're only here for four years." "If we live that long."
13 Reasons Why, the Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher's bestselling novel about a teenage girl's suicide, is difficult to watch in many ways. Like Clay Jensen, we feel torn between wanting to go through all 13 of Hannah Baker's tape recordings in ...
These Gleeks make us feel like we're living a teenage dream.
It's always a blast whenever superhero crossovers take place in The Flash-Supergirl verse (remember this?). Last week's musical crossover had our heroes breaking into song and tap dancing, which makes it one of our favorite episodes of all time. Here are a ...
Are you shipping them, too?
Bonus: Live feed of Cole and KJ's reaction to our obsession with their bromance: ...
"Hey there, Juliet."
While we tune in every week to Riverdale for its delightful mix of whodunit mystery, juicy drama, and on-point ~aesthetic, it can't be denied that Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones is one of the biggest (and cutest) reasons why we do. The ...
OMG, they really killed off (spoiler)!
Even if you hadn't kept up with the Mystic Falls gang for a while, we bet you still sat up and took notice when Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce/a million other characters) came back for the series finale last weekend. Eight seasons—that's ...
This girl gets our relationship with food.
Shim Cheong may be an ethereal sea creature, but once you get to know her, you'll find that she’s not that different from your average Candy Girl (aside from, you know, the tail and the super strength and the eternal youth). Here ...
A queen keeps her promise, right?
People always leave, a wise, broken person once said, and that's particularly true in the fantastical world of Encantadia. Over the course of the sprawling saga, heroes and villains have come and gone (and come and gone). People always leave, yes, but ...
One goodbye after another!
Amihan Despite everyone’s efforts (and our wishful thinking), the queen could not stay in Lireo. With their mission to save the kingdom accomplished, Amihan had to go back to Devas and leave her family behind. Our hearts broke when Ybrahim expressed his ...
Are you also watching the new show?
Only two episodes in and there's already so much friendship drama on Riverdale. It's realistic, if you come to think of it, because isn't high school, especially co-ed high school, bursting at the seams with hormones and feelings and knee-jerk reactions?Friendships will ...
Even if the queen gets killed off!
With recent promos teasing that a major character will be sacrificed to save the kingdom in the TV show Encantadia and the rumors of actress Kylie Padilla, who plays Amihan the queen, being pregnant, there's widespread speculation that it is Amihan who ...
We're urged to look away every episode, but we just can't.
It's just our luck that A Series of Unfortunate Events is back on our screens, all eight episodes available for streaming now on Netflix. We've missed Klaus, Violet, and Sunny Baudelaire's woeful misadventures, and we're only too anxious to dive back into ...
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