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You've never seen this wardrobe must-have worn like this before!
You've heard it said countless times before that in order to build a timeless and versatile wardrobe, you have to stop splurging on trends and start investing in basic pieces. But let's face it, buying a bold, printed dress is way more ...
Yes, you can rock this high neckline piece in a humid country like the Philippines!
A turtleneck may be intimidating for some girls because of its high neckline and high fashion aesthetic—especially in a country like the Philippines, where the weather is almost always unpredictable. But we say, a timeless turtleneck is too good and too chic ...
Kick off 2016 looking super chic in this foolproof outfit equation!
They say that how you start the year will usually dictate how the rest of the year will go, so why not make sure you look your best all of 2016 by kicking off the year with a foolproof stylish look? And ...
This super comfortable chin-high top will keep you looking polished and chic this season!
Though the weather here in the Philippines doesn't give us the opportunity to layer and sport super chic winter ensembles, we Candy Girls can still rock one of the winter basics during the 'ber months here in the country: the turtleneck. Turtlenecks ...
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