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Not too keen on blinding your prof with a very extra highlight? This Claudia Sulewski-approved trick might help.
For many makeup enthusiasts, highlighter is LIFE, in more ways than one. It literally adds a pop of vibrancy to your face on days when you feel extra ~dead inside~ and gives the illusion of a lifted face by accentuating your high ...
Look ma, no cheesy fingers!
Say goodbye to those greasy, cheesy hands and have fun with these junk food hacks that you can show off to your friends! Watch the video below and you'll be eating junk food the right way in no time.Read more junk food ...
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 LSS no more. Fight the urge to repeat a song in your head over and over again with these neat tricks! (via For your travel bucket list! Get your travel inspo fix and see the 10 international destinations you may want to save ...
Baking isn't as scary as it sounds.
The thing that makes baking so great is that it's a mix between art and science. This is also the thing that tends to scare newcomers from actually learning how to bake. The precise measurements and timings, hot ovens and bakers' lingo ...
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