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A list of productive things you could be doing instead of being stuck in traffic.
Traffic is a big issue in the country, and it will only get worse before getting better. On a daily basis, you can find yourself waiting in traffic for about 3-6 hours, and those are hours of your life you can never ...
Learn about the everyday problems of commuters in this article.
A large percentage of people living in Metro Manila commute and take the jeep, bus, or train every day. These are the cheapest modes of transport, but just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean they’re convenient all the time. For commuters, every day is an ...
Because you can be productive even when you're stuck in traffic!
Traffic is a reality we face in the city today whether we are on the way to school, work, gym, or the mall. We spend hours and hours daily just sitting and waiting for the car in front to move, or for that ...
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