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Considering taking up a career that involves learning about and traveling to different parts of the globe?
The pandemic may have hindered travel plans for many of us, and it definitely affected a lot of Filipinos working in the tourism industry (the employment rate dropped in 2020) when travel restrictions were imposed, but tourism still remains a popular career ...
Planning a surfing escape? Make sure to follow safety protocols!
You will need a QR Code from La Union's proprietary contact-tracing platform NAPANAM to enter the province. Here's how you can secure one.1. Fill up the registration form at the NAPANAM website2. Make sure the birth date and mobile number you registered ...
Ready them beforehand.
La Union's local government on Wednesday released guidelines for non-residents and visitors ahead of its reopening to tourists as travel restrictions ease a year after quarantines.The new guidelines will take effect on Mar. 8. For now, only tourists from Region 1 and ...
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