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Staying in town over the break? Find out where to go so you can have the best break ever!
It's time for a well-deserved break from all the papers, projects, and exams. The long-awaited sembreak has finally come and since we want to make sure you make the most of it, we listed down the top places in the city you ...
A mix of beauty, fashion, and boys were your favorite stories to click on this week.
7 Posts That Make Jake Vargas The Sweetest Boyfriend On InstagramHe could totally win the category, if there were one. 31 Days of Beauty: Camie JuanBeauty is always in style and this month's resident blogger shares with us her best tips and looks! ...
From Divergent to Selena Gomez to a basic style staple we want to see you rock, here's what you clicked on this week!
WATCH: Deleted Divergent Knife Attack SceneKinda graphic, but a must-watch for Divergent fans!10 Pieces You Need So You Can Dress Like Selena GomezHere's what you need in your wardrobe to give it the perfect Selena makeover! 10 Movie Lines You Should Use On Your CrushBecause, ...
Dressing for bipolar weather, stocking up on chic jackets, and all about love on this week!
Fashion Q & A: How Can I Wear My Jacket In This Bipolar Weather?Find out what looks you can wear with your cute jackets for days with both wet and sunny weather! The 10 Stages Of Unrequited Love10 Chic Jackets To Wear NowBeat ...
From copping Kathryn's bob to what girls really mean to songs for a non-breakup breakup, we've got the top stories of the week for you!
Kathryn Bernardo: Get Her Wavy Long BobLearn how you can easily achieve the teen queen's effortless and pretty waves by reading our step-by-step guide! 17 Things We Tell Guys And What We Actually MeanSee the differences in vocabulary between American English and female ...
Crushes, looking fresh and pretty, and 5SOS—that's what you've been clicking this week.
10 Photos That Perfectly Illustrate Our Crush SituationBecause words get in the way when we need to explain our current crush sitch. Jasmine Curtis-Smith: Get Her Long Lashes Without FalsiesFind out how you recreate her ultra long lashes with just a few beauty ...
Ed Sheeran sings 5SOS's "She Looks So Perfect," best YA memes, barely-there makeup, movies to watch, and brokenhearted mistakes. All your favorites this week!
Ed Sheeran Plus 5SOS Equals Your New LSSEd Sheeran performed "She Looks So Perfect" on a radio show in the UK and we can't stop listening to the cover! 10 YA Movie Memes To Make You Feel Better TodayStart your day by LOL-ing ...
Kathryn Bernardo, actors who surprisingly sing well, and crushes who make your day were most read this week!
Candy Poll: Are You On Team KathNiel or KathQuen?Which OTP do you ship when it comes to Kathryn Bernardo's leading men? A Sneak Peek Inside She's Dating The GangsterHere are a few photos to amp the excitement! Kathryn Bernardo Cuts Her Hair ShortAnd she ...
Here are the stories of the week that got you most interested. Which one was your absolute fave?
15 Celebrities Who Graduated From CollegeGet inspired by these celebrities who worked hard to earn their degrees! 7 Common Skin Care MistakesFind out what you might be doing wrong to damage your skin and find out how you can take much better care ...
From Kathryn Bernardo's makeup, to school #OOTD shopping, jeans that fit your body type perfectly, and more, these are the stories you loved reading this week!
Kathryn Bernardo: Get Her Flawless Looking SkinLearn how you can get gorgeous looking skin every time just like the teen queen! 13 Petty Fights We Love To Start With Guys#SorryNotSorry School Shopping: 3 Looks That Go Perfectly With Your BackpackFind out how you can ...
Hair and lip care, dressing day to night, One Direction, and celeb breakthroughs on TV and in movies reign supreme this week.
7 Common Hair Care MistakesFind out what you might be doing to damage your hair and how you can easily fix it! Beauty Q & A: How Do I Prevent Dry and Chapped Lips?We share tips and tricks on how you can keep ...
Summer shopping guide for curvy girls, #CandyRCA2014 hangover, #selfie-taking tips, and more this week!
Summer Shopping: 3 Looks That Are Perfect For Curvy GirlsLearn how you can style the most curvy-girl-fab outfits all summer long! #CandyRCA2014: A Photo Diary Of What HappenedMissed the biggest summer party of the year? Don't worry, we've always got you covered! Kathryn Bernardo: ...
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