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Aspiring lawyers can pick up a thing or two from their content.
Thanks to the internet, people have the chance to learn more about their chosen careers to help them see if it's a path worth pursuing for them. For aspiring lawyers, the pre-law track and law school life pose many challenges along the way, and ...
Catch up on tweets from your favorite local celebrities in this week's roundup!
Our cover girl, Julia Barretto is looking camera ready in a short pastel pink dress and flower bib necklace, but her overall confidence is what makes her a Candy girl!🌞 Off to Laguna 🌞 Young and John Lloyd Cruz looking perf ...
Take a break and catch up on these celebrities tweets.
What do you think? Will Kathryn Bernardo be the next designer to sweep the nation?We decided to design each other's dress for GE ❤💗 we're so talented 💩💩 @SherizzaMarie @birdpingoy #weh class just got a whole lot better!Meanwhile in Physics class.. ...
We hope you've got room for one more song on your playlist. Sam, Tippy, and Quest take OPM to fresh new heights!
Despite a bit of drizzle, the video still shows a sunny morning, where Sam Concepcion, Tippy Dos Santos, and Quest can still wear layers of clothing. The group sings alternately with Sam taking the lead and plunging the song into a pop ...
Tippy dos Santos talks about her career, Liam Hemsworth talks about his style, and other stories from our sister sites this week. Click on to read more!
Get an insider look at what went down behind the scenes of Tippy and Ivan's cover shoot!
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Check out what went down at Tippy and Ivan's first cover shoot together!
Our Prom Special cover girl shares her prom playlist. What would you love to slow dance to?
What songs would be on your Prom Night Playlist? Spill the tunes in the comment box below. Don't forget to grab a copy of the December 2012-January 2013 issue that comes with the Prom Special for more ideas for the Big Night! ...
The actress shows us what she totes around in her bag.
Want to show us what's in your bag too? Take a snap and upload it here! ...
Feel right at home with the multi-talented star as she talks school, fashion, theater, and more!
Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below! ...
The teen stars join a stellar cast in a musical film that features songs from the APO Hiking Society. Will you watch it when it comes out next month?
Merry Christmas, Candy Girls! Check out what your fave celebs have posted on Twitter this week.
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