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From talent show finalist to one of this generation's best teen leading men, Khalil shows you that with enough hardwork you can make it big, too!
You probably know Candy Cutie Khalil Ramos as the good guy who always doesn't win the female lead star's heart in TV shows and movies. He's always the gentleman, offering the lady the sweetest smiles and the best treatment he could give. ...
Can he just go back to being with Vanessa?
Before we proceed to discussing Zac Efron's dating timeline after breaking up with his soulmate (#SorryNotSorry) Vanessa Hudgens, can we all take a few seconds to reminisce how perfect they were for each other?Finished? Okay, now let's start the discussion. Zanessa called ...
Our hearts will always be for Nian, but we can't deny the fact that Nina's "boyfriends" are handsome, too.
Call us optimistic or simply  delusional, but we still believe in Nian happening again. Yes, we still do even if Ian Somerhalder seems pretty happy with Nikki Reed, and even if Nina Dobrev is linked to handsome celebrities every now and then. We still ...
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