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There's no one better to learn tips from than Ashley herself!
Before growing a loyal fanbase over her distinct Y2K-inspired aesthetic, long-time fans will know that Ashley Garcia is the resident Gen Z ukay queen. With pandemic restrictions easing, going thrifting in person is now more doable and Ashley didn’t waste the chance to score ...
They all started out as small business ideas by students.
The pandemic may have stopped us from going out often, but it’s no reason for us to stop from unleashing our inner fashionista. Feel like dressing up at home just to take some good photos for the gram? Why not?If you’re looking ...
Some don't even need sewing!
If you love digging through piles of clothes in ukay-ukay shops in search of hidden gems, then you're probably also familiar with thrift flipping. ICYDK, it's the process of altering pieces to make them fit better or create a new article of ...
Looking for something fun to do this summer? Let's go to the zoo!
The Philippines' first and only tiger safari has done it again! Zoobic Safari invites you to come experience its summer-welcoming festivities in the form of "ZUMMER @ ZOOBIC 2008" beginning this Saturday, March 8th from 8:00 to 11:00AM and running thru every ...
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