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Rock fan Regina Belmonte shares about her first foray into photography.
It was the most exciting text message. I'd ever received. I couldn't believe it was actually for me! I thought I received it by accident, but there it was actually for me! I thought I received it by accident, but there it ...
Candy shows you how easy it is to master the top four roles of your life.
...but less than lovers. What do you do?
What's the deal? You've been spending a lot of time with this guy for quite a while now: watching movies, studying together, hanging out at the mall. You talk all the time—phone calls, YM, texts, and Facebook chat—so much so that it's ...
Know who they are, and what you can do about it.
Men—especially boyfriends—are suave, smooth, and oh-so-unshakable... that is, until we meet these guys. The result? Nagging doubts, flailing egos, and maybe even full-blown jealousy. It may not make sense to you, so we're here to give you the heads-up before it happens!The ...
First love never dies? Think again.
I met Carlo in the summer of '99 while vacationing at my lola's place in Quezon. I thought it was just one of those fleeting summer attractions, but I was wrong. After a week of getting to know each other, we exchanged ...
Is there such a thing as the perfect guy for you?
Mr. Perfect is not a myth... he's just a far-fetched proposition. And despite what you think, he doesn't always turn out to be gay. In fact, with a little perseverance, every girl can find her Mr. Perfect, because rest assured, we're not ...
Candy meets with the boys of Musicfest 2010: Boyce Avenue, Jabbawockeez, and Kris Allen!
Give what you saved from a store sale to the ones who need it the most.
SHOP: Holy Mother of Sale WHAT: David & Goliath's End of Season Sale WHY: You'll get up to 50% off on selected shirts and accessories. WHEN: Started January 15 'til stocks lasts WHERE: David & Goliath stores are located at Bonifacio High ...
How will you start 2010 with a bang?
The Candy editors will start the year differently. How about you? How will you start the year with a bang? ...
The red cups are back along with these treats that will surely have you begging for more!
The cutest handmade clay creations you'll end up wanting.
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