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She's totally all of us. LOL!
When we go third wheel-ing with our friends, we usually hate the whole situation. Of course, it gets a bit awkward and sad, too. But this girl, Third Wheel Extravaganza (@thirdwheelextravaganza on Instagram), makes good use of the situation and just became every single ...
Real talk.
Being a third wheel isn't really what pop culture has it cracked up to be. Contrary to the memes and uncool-ness that go with it, being a couple's plus one can also be fun and enjoyable as it is awkward and sometimes embarrassing. Below ...
Here are some awesome unspoken truths as to why you shouldn't feel bad about being the third wheel!
In a world where being called a third wheel has become synonymous with being the lonely single person, it's quite easy to loathe happy couples and despise them for all their JaDine-worthy #relationshipgoals much less be seen hanging out with them. Come ...
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