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We see you, #JoshLia!
It's not the first time onscreen partners Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto have shown affection for each other. In fact, it wasn't too long ago when Joshua surprised Julia with a candlelit dinner once she was discharged from the hospital. But the ...
Take the scenic route with these breezy tunes and meet the people behind them.
The road trip: an essential part of growing up, where friendships are forged and tested, where souls are rejuvenated, where things are ~realized. Sometimes it's as quick as a drive up to Antipolo, sometimes it's a 12-hour trip to Baguio on a ...
Watch ours here!
Do you still get excited when your favorite song gets a music video treatment? Not all artists release videos to go with their tracks these days but when they do, it's always something worth getting hyped about. We share just some of ...
Because we can't let go of summer!
Still in denial that summer is slowly slipping away? Put this playlist on repeat and wistfully bid the sunny days farewell. Click play and give it a listen. And don't forget to follow us on Spotify to get updated whenever we upload a new ...
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