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Is it the lace romper color of your dreams or no?
Pink. It's the color of most underwear, like that lace bra that creates crevices that never existed or those watermelon printed boxer briefs that flaunt Junior a little too well.My eyes are up here, I promise!Pink unites us all in the most ...
Off-shoulder trend: Is it a go or a no for our resident non-fashion girl? Find out now!
Imagine for a minute that you are a mighty seagull. You fiercely hover over the brown riptides of the Pasig River and later on move forward to the inner realms of Manila. There, with your aerial shot of the world and further ...
Let the Non-Fashionista explain why the supposed street rat is actually street rad.
As the clock strikes 4, you head towards the nearest Mini Stop for a well-deserved two-hour coffee break. You wander towards the sacred grounds of 3-in-1 sachets and foresee a premonition of caffeine-induced hyperactivity and some grueling effects of refined sugars—a glorious ...
That's like 6 regular milk teas with pearls—the only jewels that really matter.
Trendy fashion. It's the headliner for the holidays; the pièces de résistance; the thief that captures the hearts of all mediocre fashionistas, but as Heidi Klum always says, "One day you're in and the next day you're out."So how can I, a ...
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