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Store the small items scattered on your table in these cute trays!
We bet that, if you look at your desk or side table right now, it’s littered with small items—jewelry, chargers, coins, flash drives—you get the gist. If you've been on a home organizing kick, it's the kind of thing that would nag ...
They've got everything from snack, meals to White Rabbit milk drinks!
Maybe it's the premise of stumbling upon one-of-a-kind food finds, or that of getting to explore other cultures through their different eats—but there's always something thrilling about going into a Korean or Japanese grocery store. You might think you've seen them all, ...
Maddie is part of Candy Rookies 2020, a group of influential and aspirational college students handpicked to represent #GenerationCandy in the year to come.
School: Lyceum of the Philippines University - ManilaYear and course: Third Year, AB Foreign Service Major in DiplomacyAge: 23IG handle: @muddycruiseFor Candy Rookie Maddie Cruz, everything you do—no matter how seemingly small—matters if it’s for something you’re genuinely passionate about. To her, ...
C'mon guys, it's (almost) 2020.
I used to dread talking about my degree with distant relatives over dinner.“What course are you taking?” They’d ask over the last few spoonfuls of rice and embutido.“Creative Writing po!” I’d say with a big smile.Freshman me was more enthusiastic. Until I ...
I'm sorry for tearing you apart.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry for letting you down, for letting you take the risk. I'm sorry for breaking you into a million pieces. I'm sorry for tearing you apart."Be careful," they try to warn me, saying it was not easy to mend ...
The Boys Over Flowers star and solo singer talks skincare, music, and acting.
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