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Did you notice it when you watched the film?
Local film enthusiasts will most likely already be familiar with director and writer Antoinette Jadaone. Better known in the local film scene as "Direk Tonet," she has masterminded several award-winning films that were also well received by fans.She has worked with top stars in ...
Director Antoinette Jadaone also talked about a possible sequel!
The 2014 film That Thing Called Tadhana has cemented its place in Pinoy pop culture—it gave rise to the word "hugot" which has become part of the colloquial Filipino vocabulary, it made Sagada a go-to local destination, and it encouraged brokenhearted folks ...
When you stay up roaming the streets until the wee hours of the morning with that special someone, it feels like a lifetime.
In a time when getting a quick cup of coffee counts as a date, it feels impossible to connect with someone on such a deep level that you don’t notice the hours fly by, until the sun rises and you realize it's ...
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