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'I was so scared that I may not be able to act again.'
Girl From Nowhere star Chanya McClory, who plays Yuri in the hit Netflix series, just shared a touching story about her experience in the show! Chanya has been very open on Instagram about how she found out she had a brain tumor ...
They got to learn about each other's cultures and languages, too!
The Thai series Girl From Nowhere has been such a hit on Netflix. Since Season 2 came out, the show is constantly on the Top 10 most watched content on the streaming platform. The show is headlined by Thai actress Kitty Chicha Amatayakul, who ...
See you in Season 3, Yuri!
*Spoilers ahead!*Girl From Nowhere Season 2 introduced us to Yuri, a normal schoolgirl who became *immortal* after a confrontation involving Nanno. While maaany people had mixed feelings about Yuri's character, I think we can all agree that the actress who plays her ...
Instead of four victims, the real incident involved nine.
If you've finished watching Season 2 of Girl From Nowhere, here's some disturbing information for you: fans seem to have pinpointed the real-life incident which inspired the episode "Minnie And The Four Bodies." In previous interviews, Girl From Nowhere star KITTYCHICHA shared ...
Ready to meet Nanno's new *love interest*?
Girl From Nowhere Season 2 is officially dropping on May 7, and the trailer promises to bring us more extreme punishments, gore, and different sides of our fave girl Nanno. Netflix tells us that in Season 2: "Nanno tackles even bigger social ...
Yup, the episodes are inspired by real events and news reports.
*April 19, 2021 Update*I don't know about you, but I'm honestly sooo excited for Girl From Nowhere Season 2! Netflix announced that it will be dropping on May 7, and Nanno will be back with "a new boyfriend, new friend, and new ...
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