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We love intellectual shows!
It's fascinating to watch dark academia-themed shows. They tend to concentrate on history, literature, sports, and the arts. Although they have a cold and serious vibe, the way the characters express their thoughts is so relatable. Moreover, the aesthetic is absolutely ~mesmerizing~! ...
Nope, they're not related.
We're sure you've noticed some of these uncanny resemblances between celebrities, too. There are times when we have to take a second glance to make sure if we're really seeing the same person. And there are moments when think that maybe they ...
Here are the young stars that have made it on our to-watch list.
 1  Grant GustinThis former Glee baddie turned superhero Flash has a pet-loving, dorky side that makes him all the more lovable. 2  Tye SheridanTye has set a high bar for himself, from starring in Tree of Life with Brad Pitt to playing Cyclops in the ...
What happens when a zombie starts to become alive again? Watch Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Dave Franco, and ANTM's Annaleigh Tipton.
Zombie movies usually start out with people turning into walking dead, but this isn't your regular zombie movie. Based on the novel of Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies is about a zombie who saves the girlfriend of his victim and eventually develops feelings ...
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