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Definitely the newest love team that will make you feel kilig!
New love team alert: Jayda Avanzado and Pinoy Big Brother alum Aljon Mendoza have wrapped up filming for their upcoming iWantTFC series Teen Clash, and it seems like the two have established an *amazing* chemistry even off-screen.“We’re both working towards one goal. May mga ...
Curious to see who will be starring alongside Jayda Avanzado and Markus Paterson?
The wait is over, Wattpad fans! The hit web novel Teen Clash will *officially* be adapted into a series to be broadcasted on iWantTFC in 2023. In August this year, singer-songwriter Jayda Avanzado took to Instagram to share the amazing news that she was ...
Fun fact: Alexa Ilacad and Nash Aguas were supposed to star in the original movie adaptation!
The long wait is over: Ilyn Anne Danganan's hit Wattpad story "Teen Clash" will finally be adapted into an iWantTFC series by ABS-CBN and Black Sheep Entertainment. With over 173 million reads on Wattpad, this adaptation is guaranteed to  be one of ...
Eyes here, Wattpad lovers!
Reading a good book can make you feel like you’re off to somewhere magical, and seeing your favorite characters come into life before your eyes is like meeting your long-time online friends. Thankfully, as more Wattpad stories are turned into films and ...
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