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This promo applies to their grande-sized beverages only.
This is not a drill, Starbucks fan.Set your alarms and plan your days accordingly because Starbucks is having a three-day buy one, take on promo on their grande-sized handcrafted tea-ology beverages starting today, June 29, until July 1.The beverages you can order under ...
They also happen to have a special promo today!
Anyone who's adventurous with her food and drink choices or likes trying new things will love Coco! It's a milk tea place that offers unique flavors and add-ons! The names of their drinks are pretty interesting, too! They have 2 Ladies, 3 ...
Various brews have different benefits.
Famous tea drinkers like the Chinese and the British may be on to something. Whether a cup of tea means a serene morning of contemplation or a chatty afternoon with pastries, it is always a good thing to indulge in, especially because ...
Can we convert you into a tea lover?
Drinking tea is so much healthier than drinking coffee and it also has so many health benefits. Here are 5 types of tea you could drink if ever you have an upset stomach, flu, stuffed nose, fever, or even when you just ...
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