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Reasons vary from actor controversies to the story’s plot.
No doubt about it: Roles being recast have viewers doing double takes and a Google search for the juicy details behind the scenes. K-dramas are no different, with several series needing to do a quick switch when the circumstances call for it.The exact reasons ...
Ready to take more emotional roller coaster rides?
The recently concluded K-drama Little Women definitely proves the ingenuity of South Korean screenwriters. Considering the countless adaptations of the beloved 1868 novel by Luisa May Alcott of the same name, who would’ve thought that the dark K-drama rendition starring Kim Go Eun, ...
From "Squid Game" to "Yumi's Cells."
A long, long time ago when K-dramas were still called Koreanovelas (and we had to watch them on local TV or rent CDs), a sequel for a series is *very* rare. After the last episode, we are either left with 123456789 questions ...
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