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Show off your height!
Being trendy and dressing according to your body type plays a huge role in putting together fashionable OOTDs. And for the taller Candy Girls, we get that searching for pieces that perfectly fits your long body can be difficult—especially in the Philippines, ...
See instant results!
You've probably encountered and exhausted various solutions that can help lengthen your frame in the past. Here, we share more tricks to try to add instant inches to your height:Long hair drags down petite ladies, and having it snipped right above or few ...
Been towering over everyone all your life? You'll totes get what were talking about here.
Most people might think that tall girls always have it great. They can get into modeling, reach high places, and can wear almost anything. These might all be true but there's definitely a lot more that tall girls go through that many ...
We dish all our best tips on how you can easily make it look like you're a lot taller.
Whether you're petite or would like to look a little taller than you are, there's a big chance that your height plays a huge roll when it comes to your fashion choices. Wanting to look taller probably makes you feel less confident ...
Learn the best styling tricks to sport the perfect chic tall-girl outfits!
Ever tried the super cute outfit on the store mannequin only to find out it doesn't suit your body perfectly? We know exactly what that feels like because we've been there too, which is why this month of May, we've dedicated our ...
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