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The affirmations will hit you right in the feels.
With everything that's been going on these past months, it's totally understable if you have those days when you're feeling low. One quick tip that you can try is to reflect (or better yet, meditate) because it helps you look at things ...
Isn’t it so heartwarming to see the artists you support show some love back?
Hands up if jamming to your favorite local artists and bands is your favorite way of spending your time at home! Thanks to our favorite musicians, staying inside our houses is a lot more entertaining.While we’re completely content with bursting into our ...
#TalaNation on a different level!
After #TalaNation took over most of our Christmas parties, did you ever think that the dance craze, which happened years after the song's initial release, would last until February?If you feel like you've seen enough of the dance videos, though, now is the ...
They also thanked everyone who's been dancing to the track, making it a comeback dance craze.
Sarah Geronimo’s track, “Tala” has become the true star of this season’s gatherings. Despite being released almost four years ago, “Tala” has taken over social media and has became a sensation across all platforms--YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.In a recent ...
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