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We want to know which one gets the most love from you.
You probably own all three albums by One Direction. That being said, we want to know, which one is your favorite. Was it Up All Night that started your fandom? Or their sophomore record Take Me Home that further cemented your Directioner status? Or ...
Brace yourselves! The premiere of the video is here and it has everything Directioners could ever want. Surf, sand, silly antics, and of course, One Direction!
First off, we really have to thank Vaughan Arnell (Director for "Live While We're Young" and "Little Things") for directing the video, especially because he gave the boys much more playroom in this video which gave us (SPOILER ALERT!) Harry and Zayn's ...
What should fans expect from One Direction's latest music video?
Yes please! 1D releases their new song which will get Directioners feeling over the moon! Too bad we're stuck with a lyric video but at least our ears will be satisfied!
One Direction is all kisses in their new single, "Kiss You" from their album Take Me Home out now. The song is the embodiment of the band's distinct pop tune, combined with some spice that seems to make the song even more ...
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