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No way?!
Slathering on the right sunscreen for your oily, zit-prone skin can do wonders (and is 101% necessary, by the way), but does sunblock actually cure acne? After trawling Google for answers, we decided that it would be best to ask the professionals—here, Dr. ...
What's the harm in not putting on sunscreen daily? A dermatologist weighs in!
We've heard it said over and over again that it's important to put on sunscreen before heading out of the house. But let's face it, while we religiously follow our carefully prepared skin care routines, putting on sunscreen before heading out is ...
Should you ditch your sunscreen with makeup that already has SPF?
With the heat continually rising, we have to admit that we're getting lazy about putting on sunscreen. But is it okay to skip the sunblock just because your BB cream already has built-in SPF? We asked Dr. Coreen Copuyoc and this is ...
Find out what products you'll need to keep your skin radiant and healthy all summer!
Taking care of your skin should be part of your beauty routine, regardless of the season and whatever your age may be! This is the only way you can ensure  your skin doesn't only look good, but is really healthy, too. Although, ...
Find out the latest makeup and skin care products that will give you that healthy and flawless beauty look you've always wanted!
This week on Beauty Buzz, we share the latest beauty products you'll love to get your hands on, from different sunblocks to limited edition summer makeup, and even the newest nail polish brand to hit the country. Here's your roundup of everything beauty:Too Cool ...
With the scorching heat of the summer sun, your locks and skin are sure to be fried! Protect yourself with the right products!
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