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Sastify your K-snack cravings.
Binge-watching K-dramas can sometimes make you hungry. Seeing all the fried chicken, snacks, drinks, and desserts can make you drool. (Becasue same.)But thanks to K-drama gods, Korean groceries are finally accessible to us. There are *legit* Korean stores in every city in Manila. If ...
Watch and learn, folks.
Like us humans, dogs need proper hygiene, too. Considering how much they love us, with the humid weather and pandemic stresses, your fur babies need extra care and love from you. But since we’re still in quarantine, it’s pretty much impossible to ...
The global demand for abaca is on the rise.
As the coronavirus outbreak has us reevaluating old habits while establishing new ones, living sustainably and supporting local are two co-related aspects we find difficult to ignore. Luckily, our tiny archipelago has an abundance of resources we can even champion in international arenas.Abaca is 100% ...
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