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Embrace your athletic bod!
Being trendy is easy. You just have to welcome new fashion trends, incorporate them to your OOTDs and you're good to go. But while trying out new trends is undoubtedly fun, bona fide fashion girls know that dressing for your body type ...
Be a jean-ious shopper: Seeing unnecessary small folds is an omen that you've got the wrong size.
When you're born with a sexy booty and plump thighs, finding a pair of denim pants that fit well with what you've got is like looking for Mr. Right. It will take lots of trial and error, and most likely, you can ...
Flaunt those curves!
While having a great eye for fashion is important to keep your style game strong, being fashionable is only half the battle because knowing how to dress for your body type is just as important, maybe even more so.  Here at the ...
Take note, Candy Girls!
While being petite comes with a lot of perks a.k.a. you always look adorably young, having a tiny frame can be challenging, too—especially when it comes to shopping for new clothes to wear. To make sure that you fill your closets with ...
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