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Check out the super cute footwear you can sport to show your support in this year's competition!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on all two fashion footwear brands taking part in celebrating this year's World Cup! Just scroll down to see how you can take part in the celebration in style.World Cup SneakersIf you love Keds and football, ...
Find out the latest celebrity collections and check out the coolest summer shoes!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on all the latest fashion news—from Katy Perry's newest Claire's collection to Selena's latest NEO line and all the cute new footwear you can sport this summer! Here's your roundup of style and fashion: Summer Collection: Selena ...
Be in the know and find out all there is to know about the latest fashion news!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on all the latest fashion news—from Taylor Swift's newly released behind-the-scenes video to a closer look at Kendall and Kylie Jenner's new collection! Plus, we show you all the exciting new looks from the upcoming summer ...
Find out what's in store for all your favorite fashion brands this coming summer!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on all the latest fashion news—from Selena's newest Adidas Designs to Old Navy openinh in Manila and the upcoming summer collections of Gap, Paperdolls! Plus, find out where you can buy your River Island favorites online. ...
Find out the different ways you can wear the latest trends and learn how you can recreate Alexa's classic looks.
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on the fun and cool style tips we found on some of our favorite websites—from ways to style top trends like sneakers, distressed denim, and prints on prints! Plus, an essential guide to dressing up like ...
Learn new styling tricks, ways to wear your favorite pieces, and the latest fashion trends!
This week on Style Scoop, we share several style tips for a fresh take on your everyday looks—from ways to style sneakers and white shirts to unconventional style combos. Also, find out more on the latest denim trend. Here's your roundup of style and ...
Find out about the latest trends in fashion, read up on a helpful shopping guide, and get to know the latest designer and clothing line collaboration!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on the latest fashion trends this season, a handy shopping guide to Forever 21, and a new collaboration with designer Vania Romoff and Ensembles. Here's your roundup of style and fashion: Fashion Trend: Denim for FallAre you a ...
Find out all there is to know about the latest fashion news this week!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on the latest fashion news—from Tricia's awaited style essentials book to Laureen's new fashion app. We also share the latest collections from Levi's and Banana Peel, as well as the most stylish outfits snapped at Paris ...
It's all about star style and celebrity fashion! Get to know the best dressed A-listers and their on-trend looks.
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on Celebrity style—from Selena and AnnaSophia's leather looks to model fashion inspiration to the best dressed stars at the Emmy's. Here's your roundup of style and fashion: Celebrity Style Trend: LeatherYoung stars Selena Gomez and AnnaSophia Robb are ...
Find out all about the latest trends, fun fashion DIY projects, and more!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on the top trends right now—from geometric prints to denim picks and gold chain necklaces. Learn how to make your very own wire ring and find out where Trilogy launches its new store! Here's your roundup of ...
Find out the hottest news on everything shoes!
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on the latest shoes you need to grab this season. Get to know what's new with some of your favorite footwear collaborations, collections, and brands! Whether you love your sneakers, flip-flops, or ballet flats, this week's ...
Find out all about your favorite celebrities on magazine covers and as brand ambassadors! Plus, learn some new trends and styling tips.
This week on Style Scoop, we dish on Kathryn Bernardo as a new cover girl, as well as the famous new brand ambassadors for Pinkbox and XOXO. We also share this season's must-have accessories and the perfect shoes for commuting. Here's your roundup ...
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First. Pixie dust and paper cuts – these are the first things Wendy knew about Peter Pan. Aurora first met Prince Philip when she was sixteen. Learning how to ride a bike was also a first while I was growing up, but you are probably the first of too many. The first collection of dust and stars; maybe Luna will try to ask, who was your first? I might answer and tell her that it was you.

The first of too many stars in the sky. You are the first of too many fallen leaves during fall – and you will be the most anticipated snowflake as winter comes. A dark path that you can’t see without any light, hence, you were once the moon and there are the stars that shine so bright at night. Are we too early? Or we just really want to be ahead of time? Even in a glimpse, I would like to see the two of us connect as if we can reach the sky. There are other parts of the heavens you have never saw and other oceans you haven’t laid your feet onto – but the constellations will always wait for you. Close your eyes, love, close your eyes. Start counting backward: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Count backward until you see the twinkling lights that will guide you to the right path. To the right satellite; to the right person. A first.

There are many firsts – first love, first heartbreak, first sport you played, the first thing you do in the morning, the first thing you remember about the person in front of you. There are a lot. It’s actually up to us how we will consider something as a first. So, Primo, you are already a first of too many.

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