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Applying for one is sooooo easy!
In celebration of Education New Zealand's one million social media followers and as a way of thanking their supporters, they're offering one student a scholarship worth NZ$10,000! This amount will cover tuition and course-related costs at any educational institution in New Zealand ...
She's a daughter of a police officer and a stay-at-home mom.
A few days ago, it was reported that two Filipino high school graduates—a farmer's son and a police officer's daughter—made it to two different Ivy League universities and bagged full scholarships at that! So we immediately reached out to Jess Cuadro to talk ...
The thing is, not ALL students dream about becoming a Fighting Maroon, Blue Eagle, Growling Tiger, or Green Archer after graduation. An infinitesimal few fantasize about finishing their studies in an entirely different country.
The ideal path we're taught the moment we crack open our very first school book is to study hard, graduate with honors, land a job, and therefore live a better quality of life. We're wired to think that we need to snag ...
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