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It's possible!
Every college student strives to do their best to excel academically, to the point where they sacrifice sleep and health just to submit a paper on time or pass an exam. Despite what most people would have you believe, becoming a student achiever doesn't ...
All you need is MS Word.
If you find yourself constantly watching student YouTubers' study vlogs, you're not alone. There's something about seeing someone else be productive that makes you motivated to do the same, too. In most study vlogs, you'll often see these student content creators do school ...
And talks about why breaks are super important.
Online classes means students will have to spend extra time in front of their computers. Doing so can suck the energy out of you, but for others, hours-long study sessions do the trick. One student YouTuber, Cedie better known by her YouTube channel Ahnyeongs, ...
Make your plantita dreams come true while hustling.
Most students are swamped with online classes, which isn't as easy as it seems even though we're all just at home. But if there's one thing to realize after being in quarantine for months, it's that it gets harder and harder to stay ...
Be more efficient when you study alone.
Preparing for the next few months of online classes? If you're not used to learning remotely, it can be difficult to keep up with an online lecture. Aside from preparing yourself mentally, you also need to invest in apps and gadgets to ...
Free #StudyHacks for all.
Everyone has a right to learn. Everyone deserves accessible education. Whether through schools, libraries, or even online. We grew up thinking that gadgets and the internet can be a distraction to our studies. But time is changing and the internet is becoming a ...
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