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The scholarship covers round-trip airfare tickets, tuition fees, and more.
After a tumultuous year, it feels like people are starting to open up to the idea of making big plans and pursuing their dreams again. People are shifting careers, investing in a small business, or simply moving to a different place to ...
From a bachelor's degree to short courses.
Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only do you get to experience what college life is like in a different country, but you also get to discover more about the place and learn about their culture and yourself in the process. It's a ...
So far, so good, but getting there has been a challenge.
As an incoming freshman at Korea University, 20-year-old Filipina Shaine Hong had to fly out to South Korea in the middle of a pandemic to start her semester. Moving to another country in the middle of a pandemic is already difficult as it is. ...
There will be lots of paperwork involved.
One of the most popular travel destinations among Filipinos is Japan, with its scenic spots, sought-after cuisine, and rich culture (among many other notable points). One way of learning more intensively about Japan's culture is through its language. Many Filipinos enroll in ...
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