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Some of the celebrities who have worn Carlene Designs are Nadine Lustre, Sofia Andres, and Gretchen Ho.
With a mission to create timeless, elegant, and exclusive pieces that empower people to feel good and confident, Carlene Zervoulakos, a 22-year-old college student, is the founder of Carlene Designs. At a young age, she already had an interest in fashion. Little ...
Turners is a clothing brand that advocates for slow and sustainable fashion, and it’s run by a one-woman team.
In the Philippines, fast fashion brands are the most accessible options for clothing nationwide, with branches and pop-up shops in malls scattered throughout the country. Fast fashion brands are known for their ability to mass-produce the same style of clothing for their ...
They also shared how their business helped them become financially independent.
It seems like home decor is on everyone’s shopping cart these days, especially now that homeowners have begun to feel the urge and need to revamp their place for more conducive home working spaces. From tiny pieces of furnishings for the study table ...
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